Dana Petroleum

The client: Dana Petroleum

Dana Petroleum explores for, develops and produces oil and gas in Europe, Africa and the Middle East, operating at every stage of the oil and gas lifecycle, both off- and onshore.

The challenge

The UK-based Dana Petroleum business unit was tasked with implementing Maximo 7.5 to replace the Maximo 4 system hosted by the operations and maintenance service provider. IBM Maximo was selected because it is already used by Dana in the Netherlands (supported by Gemba) and because of the ease of migration from Maximo 4.

The goal was to have ownership and control of the Work Management System and no longer be dependent on the service provider’s processes. The company was looking to standardise an enterprise-wide system across its business locations. Getting the right information to the right people at the right time to make and implement decisions to drive safety and reliability for Dana’s assets was paramount.

The one-year project was planned and executed by a team of Gemba consultants and Craig McKay, Project Manager at Dana. Training was provided by Imorph and data migration delivered by SRO solutions, all with the involvement and cooperation of Gemba.

Gemba: Knowledgeable, flexible, honest

Dana’s supply chain function co-ordinated a competitive tendering process, with Dana seeking a Maximo consultancy partner who understood the business and the requirements. Although Dutch-based company Gemba works closely with Dana in the Netherlands, they were by no means an automatic choice for the Dana’s UK business unit.

Following a written submission, Gemba were invited to an in-person meeting, during which they covered every requirement in detail. “They talked about their experience, they seemed to be flexible, they seemed to have a very good knowledge of the IBM Maximo product itself and what it could and couldn’t do,” Craig McKay says. “They were very open and honest, and we awarded them the contract.”

Pragmatic solutions, flexible partners

In a series of workshops focusing on almost every aspect of Maximo—including Procurement, Maintenance, Work Management and Inventory —Craig McKay and the Gemba consultants worked out specifications for moving from the as-is process to a to-be process, and determined how the system would look. Through their excellent English and wealth of knowledge and experience, the Gemba consultants added a great deal of value to the entire process.

Saving the client money through experience in other industries

The Gemba consultants understood right away the needs of Dana, in terms of being an oil and gas business and it’s particular business processes. Gemba was able to tap into their wealth of knowledge from working in other industries to suggest solutions that not only fulfilled their client’s needs, but saved the client money.

Rather than purchase a more expensive Oil & Gas industry solution, Gemba were able to incorporate industry-specific, regulatory requirements into Maximo directly, without going overboard.

Seamless implementation, effective training

Gemba used a partner, SRO Solutions, who provided a tool for the data migration which enabled Dana to go live with a 25 hour cut-over window. “It was so seamless, the users didn’t realize it had actually happened,” Craig McKay says. “It wasn’t until a few days later that somebody phoned me up and said, ‘I’ve got to compliment you on this seamless transition, it just didn’t occur to us. Nothing went wrong.’ They switched off one system one day and went to another the next. All the data was there and they just continued where they’d left off.”

And although Dana opted to use a specialized training company, Gemba was very much a partner working together with Dana and the training organisation to ensure everyone knew how to use the new system. The training company had attended the workshops that were held at the start of the process to enable them to understand and also inform areas of the process and system as it was being designed.

“And they worked hand in glove,” Craig says. “There was no separation at all. Gemba were excellent at taking on their comments. There were no barriers or boundaries. It was the project deliverables that were on everyone’s mind, we didn’t speak about who worked for what company or anything like that.”


Gemba supported Dana completely during the user acceptance testing (UAT) phase, fixing issues in a very rapid fashion. Dana raised about 150 issues in total, and they were all resolved without delaying the process at all.

Gemba is a flexible, communicative, honest, knowledgeable, cooperative, pragmatic, and committed consultancy that delivered the required product with seamless migration.

Craig McKay says he is very satisfied with Gemba, and would work with or recommend them as a Maximo consultancy to companies in the UK “without hesitation.”

"“Gemba is a pleasure to deal with; they tell it straight,” Craig McKay says. “Their estimates for changes are realistic. Our scope of work has changed since we awarded the job to them, and Gemba was very willing to drop some things and spend a lot more time on others. They were a real partner. They supported us almost 24/7.”"

"“The Gemba consultants really helped us come up with pragmatic solutions. Because we could have gone and made something very complex, but we kept things very simple.”"

"“Although they are a Maximo consultancy, they do more than oil and gas,” he says. “They have customers in Holland who look after the water supply, for example. They run Schiphol airport’s Maximo implementation, a massive Maximo implementation. So they are able to draw on similar processes and other backgrounds and share that experience so that it can make us think a little bit differently. They would definitely understand any business.”"