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Having oversight and control of all the processes in your business operations is ideal. IBM Control Desk unified IT asset and service management software provides a common control centre for managing business processes for both digital and physical assets. It enables control, governance and compliance to applications, endpoints and assets to protect critical data and prevent outages.

Completely automated process optimisation

The IBM Control Desk software allows you to optimally design all your operations processes. You specify what steps there are and the IBM Control Desk carefully monitors them throughout the process. IBM Control Desk learns from past incidents and makes adjustments if necessary. If your interaction is needed, you will be informed immediately. And with the mobile application you can intervene at any time. Characteristics of IBM Control Desk include:

The software is available both as on premise and SaaS solution. So you decide where the data is stored. You keep control over the data and the cost of managing it.

IBM Control Desk is also available on mobile devices. Your employees have continuous oversight and can make adjustments if necessary.

Service requests can easily be made in the application and sent to the service desk. Potential disruptions can thus be detected early on and avoided.

The Control Desk software from IBM is therefore a perfect solution, not just to manage your operations processes, but also to structurally lower costs.

IBM Control Desk support

IBM Control Desk provides the perfect support for your operations processes. The experts at Gemba would be happy to tell you how this software can benefit your organisation. We´ve been in the business since 1997, and in a variety of industries with asset management software. We´ve see technology come and go; we know what works, and, of course, what you need.