For operations to run smoothly you need oversight. You need to know what the various departments are doing, what their deadlines are and if they’re on schedule. To facilitate this, choose IBM Maximo® Scheduler. This add-on from IBM Maximo® helps you by planning each step in the operations process and carrying out that step in the most optimised way. By doing so you prevent inefficient use of your resources and improve your performance.

Maximum results via perfect planning

Aligning multiple activities with each other can be quite challenging. At each step things can go differently than expected and it’s exactly at those moments that IBM Maximo® Scheduler can help. You remove inefficiencies from your activities and are better able to carry out your work processes on time and keep your commitments to production. And that, of course, ensures that your resources can be optimally deployed and there aren’t any unnecessary risks in your production process.

The advantages include:

The system is user-friendly with intuitive, visual navigation.

The Scheduler keeps track of both short-, and long-term planning.

The graphical representation in charts provides an instant overview.

IBM Maximo® Scheduler constantly adapts itself to the current circumstances, giving you insight at all times into the end result.

"The IBM Maximo® Scheduler is a comprehensive tool that completely supports you in your processes and does it with an improved schedule realisation built in. "

Integrate Scheduler in your organisation

You get the most out of IBM Maximo® Scheduler when it’s been perfectly tailored to fit your processes. Gemba experts have more than 20 years’ experience with clients in a variety of industries and know exactly what you need. Would you like to get the most out of your work processes? Please contact us. We’ll evaluate your situation and prepare a customised implementation plan, in line, of course, with your budget and schedule to avoid any unpleasant surprises.