Predictive maintenance

Would you like continuous oversight on the state of repair of your machines? Predictive maintenance helps by signalling in advance if a component of your production process is likely to fail, so you can address it proactively. This helps to ensure continuity and avoid unnecessary costs. If you choose IBM Predictive Maintenance & Quality software in combination with IBM Maximo, your data is integrated in the asset management suite, providing you direct oversight of the risks in your production process.

Predict outages with PMQ

IBM predictive maintenance software recognizes patterns that indicate a higher risk of equipment failure. With that information you can carry out preventive maintenance, so the supply chain process isn’t interrupted. The analysis of user data provides a powerful tool. The data collected by PMQ can be read directly into your asset management software, such as IBM Maximo. Advantages of IBM PMQ include:

You combine real-time data about your machines with previously collected data, so you have oversight of the status of your machines at all times.

Predictive Maintenance & Quality has an open architecture and interfaces with a variety of APIs, so it’s possible to integrate data across many applications.

You can add the data from your predictive maintenance to your data warehouse so the data can be used in other business analyses as well.

"Predictive Maintenance & Quality therefore provides insights vital to keeping your cost load manageable via predictive maintenance."

Choose predictive maintenance

Stay competitive in your market and choose predictive maintenance. Gemba’s specialists have years of experience in asset management and PMQ across a variety of industries. Please contact us and we’ll show you how we can improve the continuity and efficiency in your organisation.