Privacy statement

We respect our website visitor’s privacy and make sure any personal information you provide us with is treated with utmost confidentiality. Processing of personal data is conducted in a way that is in accordance with regulations provided by the Dutch Wet Bescherming Persoonsgegevens (law for the protection of personal data).

Purposes of data processing

Your personal data will be processed in order for us to be able to send our Gemba Service BV newsletters.

In case you submitted a contact and/or subscription form on our website, or send us an email, any data you send will be stored for as long as necessary in light of the nature of the submitted form or in light of the contents of your e-mail for Gemba Services BV to be able to provide you with a satisfying answer and to provide you with any follow-up responses.

Clicking behaviour and visitor data

General visitor behaviour and data will be tracked when visiting our website. We might track your computer’s IP address, username (when provided), page request timestamps and any other visitor data submitted to us by your web browser. We might use this data for statistical analysis of visit and clicking behaviour on our website. We might also use collected data for website optimisation purposes.

We will do our best to anonymize any collected data whenever possible. We will not share data we collect this way with any third parties.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics for keeping track of website – visitor interactions as well as for keeping track of Google Adwords advertisement’s effectiveness. Data collected for these reasons, including your computer’s IP address, will be transferred to and stored by Google servers situated within the United States. Please refer to Google’s privacy policy for more information.

Google uses information collected in this way for keeping track of website usage, for providing us with usage related reports and for providing it’s customers with information regarding advertisement campaign effectiveness. Google might share this information with third parties in case of any legal obligations to do so or whenever third parties process this information in the name of Google. We do not have any control over this. We have not permitted Google to use obtained analytics data for other Google services.

Social media

This website contains buttons for sharing pages on Twitter and Linkedin. These buttons are generated by code that is supplied by these social networks themselves. This code places a cookie (among doing other things, please refer to the above paragraphs).

Please read Twitter’s and Linkedin’s privacy statements (which are subject to regular changes) to find out what these social media companies do with your personal data being gathered by this code.


We offer a newsletter with which we inform interested parties about news relating to our organisation, it’s members and news concerning data centers and related subjects. Your email address will be added to our subscription list when downloading our publications. Under all other circumstances we will only store your email address with your explicit consent.

Use of cookies

Google’s cookies will be placed in your browser when visiting our website as part of Google’s Analytics service. We use this service to track visitor data and generate reports relating to website visitor behaviour. Google might share this information with third parties in case of any legal obligations to do so or when third parties process this information in the name of Google. We do not have any control over this.

Inspection, correction and the right to appeal

In case you maintain an actual mutual relationship with our organisation, you will be granted the possibility to inspect your personal data after sending us a written application. In case of any errors in the information we produce as a response, you might send us a written application requesting us to change or remove the wrong information. You might also send us a writting application requestion for you not to be approached by us with information regarding our products and services by sending this written application to the following address:

Gemba Service BV
Nieuweweg 108/A
1531 AH Wormer
The Netherlands

Privacy statement modifications

We reserve the right to make regular changes and modifications to this privacy statement. Privacy statement changes will be published on this website.