Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) is the basic process through which Gemba provides solutions via products and services. Everything comes together with EAM; the managing of all company assets and operating capital for all departments, business units, locations and facilities. Gemba’s approach integrates techniques to optimise the complete lifecycle of assets, including design, installation, service and replacement. Enterprise Asset Management gives you oversight and control of all operations, which translates into efficient, high quality operations.

Advantages of EAM

Enterprise Asset Management goes further than just maintenance management or asset management. The holistic and custom-tailored approach ensures optimal management, maintenance and oversight of your assets, processes and financial systems. Gemba’s Enterprise Asset Management has an impact on many areas of business operations:

Better insight into the possibilities for increasing the efficiency and longevity of capital goods.

Where can we reduce risks in the manufacturing process or the facilities? Consider, for instance, downtime due to lack of security or system failure.

Modern technology has become increasingly complex, allowing a variety of processes in different locations to be remotely interfaced. It’s critical to closely monitor the performance of these processes and capital assets located in different locations, and often in real time.

This greater complexity of technological processes requires a higher level of professionalism, transparency of the ICT components and oversight of the systems’ performance.

Clients have come to expect top-notch service including immediate feedback and an easily accessible service desk.

Asset management

All the inspection, management and maintenance processes for the water systems, dikes and roads have been worked out on operational, tactical and strategic levels. The roles and responsibilities have also been determined; from asset managers, maintenance engineers and process engineers, maintenance managers and schedulers to the (external) contractors who carry out the work. Together with Gemba the Waterschap Hollandse Delta (WSHD) set up its data structure and work processes in IBM Maximo. The many separate elements and all their components are hierarchically structured in the system. The water management board based the design on the ISO 55000 norm.

Waterschap Hollandse Delta


Gemba has more than 20 years of experience providing complete IT services to businesses and government. Our Enterprise Asset Management solutions are designed for complex and large-scale business operations. We work with IBM Maximo and IBM PMQ, with many application possibilities with proven effectiveness and functionality.

We can provide you with the following solutions: