Health, Safety & Environment manager

HSE manager

Thanks to the boom in business software in recent years, many organisations have made unprecedented efficiency improvements. Your company is probably one of many organisations that also has to deal with the management of safety, risks, and compliance; sustainability and/or corporate social responsibility. Focusing on your HSE (Health, Safety & Environment) processes is a logical next step. These processes are all characterised by a close interdependence with your existing operational and production processes. It is therefore logical to add them together.

IBM Maximo HSE manager offers you the opportunity to do exactly that for your organisation. Gemba can help you make this a reality. Our approach is based on IBM’s Best Practices and Gemba’s years of experience in the variety of industries for which HSE plays an important role in daily operations. Working together with you we develop a comprehensive plan to implement this solution in your organisation. Take advantage of our full service offerings, including extensive training and support options: services that a variety of prestigious organisations are already using to their great satisfaction.

We provide:

Total package of implementation, training and support;

System tailored to your client-specific requirements;

Application management for your entire enterprise;

Strong project management and good budget oversight;

More than 20 years’ experience in industries including chemical, oil & gas, distribution, utility and government.

Get control with HSE Management

Even the most successful companies have to deal with unexpected incidents in the area of health, safety and environment. Each of these factors can slow down or even stop core business processes and put pressure on profitability. Forward-thinking companies take their corporate responsibility very seriously. They see these factors as an integral part of that and invest in them. Expanding the management of your operational processes with IBM Maximo HSE manager is a logical next step.

The advantages are clear. IBM Maximo HSE manager can help you in many areas:

Improved risk management across all business units;

Better preparation for your required audits;

Structured approach to potential changes;

Monitoring of energy usage which results in a better environment;

Better control of your incident management.

Choose HSE Manager from Gemba

Do you have the idea that you could do more with your HSE processes or the feeling that there isn’t enough oversight in your company? Or are you just curious about the capabilities of HSE management? Please contact us. We would be happy to take the time to tell you more about HSE Manager and the benefits it can bring to your organisation.