Smart Cathodic Protection

It is essential for the continuity of your services that your pipeline network functions free of defects. A leaking pipe often temporarily stops the supply of your raw material temporary and thus results in a loss of turnover for you as well as for your customer.

The current method for cathodic protection of the piping network is characterised by a half-yearly or yearly frequency and a labour-intensive process with frequent errors. Furthermore, problems and unforeseen situations are only solved after they have occurred. Together with all the results thereof.

In order to be able to prevent calamities, it is essential that problems with cathodic protection (CP) are signalled in an early stage. GembaIoT provides a solution for this.

GembaloT’s Smart Cathodic Protection

Together with its partners, GembaIoT has developed an innovative solution which monitors the condition of your piping network on a daily basis and detects problems during an early stage on the basis of the Internet of Things (IoT) technology. This makes it possible for you to take action in time and prevent any calamities. This is possible for over-ground and underground piping.


Early problem solving and prevention of calamities.

Giving an impression of the level of protection against piping corrosion, not twice a year but twice a day. This higher level of measurement frequency gives you more insight into the condition of your piping network and more control.

More effective deployment of staff.

Your employees no longer have to check the pipes themselves. As a result, they can be deployed more effectively for repair of the detected problems or for maintenance work.

Return on investment.

The savings you make are not only related to the work carried out by your employees, but the risk of turnover loss caused by a leaking pipe is also considerably decreased.


The alarms are sent via the SIGFOX network which is a Low Power Wide Area Network. This network is very reliable and also ideal for sending small data messages and alarms.

GembaIoT has developed a sensor which can be placed in every CP measuring post and can send its data almost immediately to a platform where an analysis can be carried out and an alert can be sent if necessary. The sensor sends its data via the Sigfox network which is a Low Power Wide Area Network. By using the Sigfox network, the batteries of the sensor can be used up to 10 years

An alert is sent to the app-user if the value is lower or higher that the values set in the app per sensor. A value which is too high or too low can result in a pipe not being optimally protected against corrosion. A calamity may be occurring at the location where the sensor was placed.

The sensor is provided with a fall detection. If the CP post is knocked down, e.g. during mowing activities, an alert will be sent to the app. The app-user can then immediately take action and go on-site. This makes it possible to see who caused it and damage can be claimed.

Reference potential measurement and coupon measurement in DC as well as in AC.

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Cathodic Protection

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