IoT, Big Data….what do these terms mean exactly? In The Netherlands, we often use the term “Smart Industry”. Not a bad name, considering that smartness is what it is all about. Internet of Things is about devices that are interconnected and share information.
However, IoT does not confine to merely the availability of devices but also the availability of data. This provides opportunities that didn’t exist in the past. A number of examples from our practice are discussed below:

Cathodic protection

Safety of employees

Process optimisation based on predictive analysis

Monitoring company goods

Cathodic protection

What if you no longer need to check the poles of the cathodic protection to find out about the current status? What if you are no longer informed about the status, on a daily basis, but can observe the changes in the environment, the influence of the weather, whether a pole was hit, or that excavation activities are being carried out on-site, causing damage. That will provide more control over the management of your underground infrastructure, without the need to be present at the location. Simple apps and dashboards ensure that you are being kept informed anywhere and at all times. Would you like more information? Feel free to contact us.

Worker Safety

One of the easiest ways to improve the safety of your employees at work is applying IoT. With simple sensors and easy applications (or integration with your current back-office systems) not only do you know the whereabouts of your employee, but also if he/she is alright. For instance, in case of a fall or environmental danger (such as CO2 or other gases).
By use of their smartphone, team leaders have instant insight in the condition of their colleagues. The office has direct insight in the status of the entire workforce. As such, in case of calamities, you can react sooner and faster to save lives or even prevent accidents from happening.

Process optimisation based on predictive analyses

Within existing or new installations, IoT can see to the availability of more data. In addition, it is much easier to link external data and use it. This data can be used to optimise processes. Whether it concerns better results or less energy consumption, together we will determine how this can work for you as well.

Monitoring company goods

A different application of IoT can be found in monitoring company goods. Also here the simplicity and low costs ensure that following Assets is very interesting. Whether it is an IBM/Vodafone solution or a solution via the Sigfox network, being supported by easy apps and linkage to folder functionality, you will quickly gain insight in the location of your assets.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require more information.