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Surely you have heard about it; Internet of Things, also called IoT. But what is the Internet net things precisely and why does it create opportunities for you? Simply put the Internet of Things is about connecting assets to sensors and using its data. You can use the data for optimization of your processes and installations or use it to create new business opportunities. We change your ideas into reality an ensure an optimal use of the possibilities of IoT. We support you to create and end-to-end IoT chain from idea to realization and from sensor to information.

What is IoT...

IoT Solutions

IoT in the Real World

Internet of Things knows many applications in the industry. Also curious how this works in the real world? Look here at some examples which we have encountered at our clients in the real world.

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IBM Watson IoT Platform

Understand your data to optimize your processes, better manage your assets, reinvent products and services and raise your client experience to a higher level. Use the IBM Watson IoT™ Platform, the number 1 platform worldwide, the base of all your IoT projects. Use4 a cloud solutionsupported by IBM Bluemix®.

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IoT Plus

Your IoT projects are not limited to a few sensors and dashboards. By the use of the IBM Watson IoT™ Platform you have the a lot more possibilities like usage of weatherdata, application of cognitive and predictive analyses and much more at your disposal.

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IoT Services

Gemba IoT Services

We would like to support you to create solutions covering the full IoT chain. Gemba makes use of the IBM Watson IoT platform and its underlying IBM Bluemix possibilities.

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Our IoT Partner Ecosystem

Internet of Things is a broad concept, with at least a wide range pof product and services. Gemba is a believer of a strong partner ecosystem. By working together with strategic partners, all with specific knowledge within their domain, are we able to deliver the full IoT chain to you.

Our Partners
IoT Proof of Concepts

Together with our partner we are continuously working on innovation, trendwatching and new technologies. Because of that we know like no one else what’s developing in the world of IoT, which idea delivers added value and how to initiate IoT concept development for you.

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IoT Strategy

Do you want to start with the Internet of Things? Always start with a solid strategy. That’s how you make sure your IoT solution is not just succesfull but also futureproof.

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IBM Watson IoT Support

Of course we also deliver support for all services within the IBM Watson IoT platform. We can support you in the full project of just the parts you want to be supported in. Our helpdesk is also at your disposal to support you with all your questions around the platform or managing your environment.

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IoT Use cases

Cathodic Protection

Periodically (Yearly of multiple times a year) inspection of cathodic protection is being executed on underground pipelines. This way insight is collected the level of corrosion protection of the pipelines. IoT can change this.

IoT Worker Safety Northstar

It is good news how IoT introduces to connected worker – an employee who is more aware of, en is detected by his environment is more safe by definition.

IoT in water

The Internet of Things offers new solutions to improve water management in order to increase the efficiency of using natural resources. Broad watermanagement strategies can reduce operating costs by 20%.



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