Watson IoT Support

As with all our products, Gemba provides full support for the IBM Watson IoT-platform and all relevant services and solutions. From helpdesk to training and implementation, we support you all the way.

Watson Helpdesk

Watson Training

Watson implementation support

Watson Analysis support

Watson Remote management

IBM Support

IBM also provides extensive support through their own channels. See IBM Watson IoT support and see the opportunities that are available.

IBM Watson IoT Support

Watson Helpdesk

Gemba has it’s own service desk. This service desk answers all primary and secondary issues of customers. As such, we are capable of dealing with the majority of issues and incidents ourselves. The benefits are obvious: we know the equipment of our customers, we provide Dutch speaking support and often implement solutions for incidents ourselves.

We provide our service desk not only for IBM Maximo and IBM Control Desk, but also for IBM Watson IoT and IBM Bluemix.

Watson training

Like no other, we understand that training is an essential part of an IoT-implementation in order to get maximum return on your investment(s).

We facilitate several trainings courses in the area of IBM Watson IoT and IBM Bluemix, allowing you to optimally deploy the IBM-software within your organisation.
We offer a wide range of online training courses and will be happy to advise you about which training courses are suitable for you. In addition, we provide classical training courses that may or may not be adjusted to the solution implemented for you.

Watson implementation support

For years, Gemba has used a tested approach for implementations carried out. The principle has always been to get you, as a customer, ‘up and running’ as fast and as best we can while using your IBM IoT-platform. Within Gemba we use three different concepts:
• The already proven waterfall-method, relieving you, as a customer, of as many difficulties as possible;
• The popular agile-method, in which you, as a customer, actively participate;
• The Gemba-hybrid-method; a mix of waterfall and agile, being the ‘best of both worlds’, as far as we’re concerned.

Feel free to contact us in case you wish to know more about our different types of approach.

Watson analysis support

An important element of an IBM Watson IoT-implementation is Business Intelligence, or Watson Analytics. The amount of data in the database is collected, analysed and converted for use in different ways of reporting. This leads to knowledge and initiates adequate actions.

Due to many years of experience, Gemba is able to create comprehensible analyses and reports. These reports can be provided thruogh dashboards, pull-reports, push-reports and/or excel-downloads for further analyses.

Watson Remote management

The cloud-solutions IBM Watson IoT and IBM Bluemix are excellently suitable for remote management and support. Gemba provides these services in accordance with different ‘service windows’, of 8×5 hours up to 24×7 hours. This support can also be supplemented with ‘managed services’, allowing us to serve you even better. Some examples:

  • Performance monitoring;
  • Availability monitoring;
  • Capacity monitoring.