Functional/Technical Application management

Businesses today have more and more possibilities thanks to advances in technology, and that demands increasingly more from your IT department. Good asset management plays a central role in many organisations. Assets produce additional data that needs to be combined and integrated with other IT services. Management of this ensures the proper alignment, internally and externally, which guarantees continuity.

Functional application management, as well as information management or information services, provides for the specification of IT services, drives their implementation and manages company information. Functional application management tailors existing IT services to the wishes of the users. This is often not a change to the software itself, but the establishment of a new interface or an adjustment of an interface. These enhancements result in smoothly-run, tailored information services for the organisation. In general, functional application management is divided into:

User management (user support, operational IT management and management of company information); and

Functionality management (focuses on enhancements and changes, such as preparation for the rollout of new releases,

connecting and executing processes (the actual implementation of changes among others.)

Technical application management, on the other hand, deals with the installation, approval and the process of making the technical systems and infrastructure operational and keeping them that way.

Functional asset management software solutions

Gemba offers solutions for the collaboration between functional and technical management. This can be a complex challenge at large enterprises, especially now that mobile devices play an increasingly large role in business activities. ICT services provide a great deal of data that has to be linked back to the various internal teams, partners and clients.

Partner with experience

Gemba has the know-how to combine aspects of both functional and technical application management, utilising a variety of IBM software solutions. We have consultants with a great deal of ICT expertise who can handle even the most complicated processes. We are a certified partner of IBM in the Netherlands and Belgium, with years of experience in the implementation of complicated operations processes. We would be happy to meet with you to discuss how we can help in your specific situation.