IBM Anywhere

IBM Anywhere

Would you like your employees to have continuous oversight of your operations processes, so they run as smoothly as possible and can be adjusted if necessary? IBM Anywhere was developed with that goal in mind. With this mobile application your employees have real-time oversight of the status of an order at every moment and from any location. This add-on gives you remote access to Maximo Asset Management processes. The interface is adaptable so you can make your own application or have one made for you.

Prevent errors

As every employee is linked to the digital process, IBM Anywhere helps prevent miscommunication between your employees. Each employee knows exactly what is expected from him/her and can adjust his/her activity accordingly. Your employees can, for example, sign off on orders or partial orders, so the following step in the process can seamlessly begin. Just to mention a few important advantages:

Your employees have oversight of the status of an order at all times. In this status they see the critical information necessary to make the right decisions.

IBM Anywhere is built on the IBM Worklight platform and is available in a browser, but also as a mobile app.

There will be fewer mistakes in your operations processes due to poor internal communication. The result is a higher profit margin.

IBM Anywhere and Gemba

IBM Anywhere is very useful add-on to IBM Maximo. Our experts would be happy to show you what IBM Maximo and IBM Anywhere can do for you. We have more than 20 years’ work experience in asset management across a variety of industries. We bring this experience with us in our advisory role and in our trainings. Implementing your software in the right way is not just a technical matter for us, it’s also about people. Are they comfortable using the software? Is the software being fully utilised? Is the interface user-friendly? In short, our job isn’t done until the software works for you and your employees.