Every minute, 450 employees worldwide, have a work-related accident, which means 317 million accidents per year. What is even worse, each year 321,000 employees are involved in a fatal accident. For The Netherlands this is 192,000 work-related accidents per year, 60 of which are fatal. Work-related accidents are a major problem across all industries despite all regulations and procedures.

This directly affects the employee himself, in his daily life, but apart from that, the employer also faces large consequences, which are not only financial.

The good news is that IoT technology introduces the connected employee: an employee who is more aware of, and detected by, his environment, is inherently safer.
Portable and embedded sensors provide the opportunity to monitor the employee within his direct workplace, in order to prevent accidents as a result of falling, fatigue or heavy machinery.

There is a wide range of possibilities with portable sensors. Portable technology makes use of IoT technology to collect and analyse sensor data, and if we link this to innovative, cognitive possibilities and external sources, such as the weather and the environment, we create the opportunity to better guard the health of employees and improve the safety in order to change today’s world.

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