Would you like to take advantage of the possibilities that our solutions offer your organisation? Would you like the implementation period to be as short as possible? Then Rapid Deployment might be the right solution for your organisation. That means the use of ‘pre-packaged’ software solutions that have full functionality. The implementation of this software is quicker and cheaper. Rapid Deployment requires a thorough knowledge of both the software and the organisation in which the implementation takes place. Gemba is specialised in software deployment for companies and organisations with complex operations where customised solutions are necessary but Rapid Deployment can still be the right solution in certain situations, especially when time is a factor. Gemba has developed its own approach with our products based on Agile methodology. With Gemba’s Agile methodology the customer is closely involved in the realisation of the design, the installation and the testing. In addition, the client is a part of the project team that carries out the tasks together. The average duration for this sort of project is 30 days.

The advantages of Rapid Deployment

Rapid Deployment of course has its limitations. The most important is that the software is fixed within the project, although specific configurations can be made for clients with a gap analysis. But there are also a number of interesting advantages:

Low cost, due to the utilisation of best practices and standard configurations;

Rapid Deployment has a shorter duration and the budget is fixed;

Fast implementation via software that is already configured with a workflow layout;

Predictable, because of its simple design and proven track record;

Ease of design allows the users to more quickly get to work using the software;

Scalable: with Rapid Deployment it’s possible to establish a foundation on which more functionality can be added at a later time (if the software allows it).