Would you like your employees to be able to know the status of an order at all times and from any location? That’s what EZMaxMobile, an add-on to IBM Maximo, can do. Your employees at any location can have insight in the status of an order and can carry out the best follow-up action. EZMaxMobile is available for Apple, Android, Windows mobile and Blackberry, and is available free to all registered users of IBM Maximo Asset Management.

The mobile solution

EZMaxMobile is the mobile solution for users of IBM Maximo Asset Management software. It was developed by our partner Interprosoft. This add-on delivers simple rapid deployment mobile solutions for basic Maximo processes. This creates the possibility for users to have oversight of, for example, work order processing, inventory and service management; regardless of time and place. This can be done both online and offline, so your employees can continue working even if the internet connection is temporarily lost. When the internet connection is restored, the data is immediately synchronised. The benefits of EZMaxMobile specifically include:

Nearly all of IBM Maximo functions are available in the mobile version;

Operations processes can be monitored and optimised on site;

New orders can also be directly entered and incorporated into the overall planning;

Photos taken by employees on a mobile device can be immediately attached to the work order.

Moreover, this mobile application is available to all IBM Maximo Asset Management software users at no additional cost.