Complete and real-time oversight of your organisation’s critical processes is essential to continuity and efficiency. This allows employees to do their work better and you to serve your clients better. To achieve this we recommend IBM IT Asset Management (ITAM). With the right input this software helps you track your processes and alerts you proactively when a process can be improved upon.

Align with your business objectives

The advantage of IBM’s ITAM solutions is that they can be seamlessly linked to your objectives. The system can tell you which improvements are critical and which are lower priority. That way you are able to have your employees focus on the most important things. More advantages of IT asset management include:

IBM Control Desk with an ITAM system keeps close watch on your software licences so you never have too many licences or get fined for not having purchased enough.

The clear and well-structured data can also be used for compliance audits and you can be certain that your processes and data are recorded in a responsible manner.

You can easily combine your ICT data with your business data to quickly find out if a potential change will provide return on investment.

"When you choose IBM’s ITAM solution you are assured of a practical system that’s easy to understand and optimise."

Gemba is an ITAM specialist

The specialists at Gemba have worked for more than 20 years with IBM’s ITAM solutions. We know better than anyone what’s happening in your industry and would be pleased to advise you. When you choose Gemba, we guarantee that your project will be delivered on time and within budget. Please contact us for a no-obligation appointment.