Would you like to have continuous control over the IT Service processes in your organisation? IBM’s configuration management database (CMDB) can help. CMDB gives you a direct overview of all configuration items for, among other things, change processes, incidents and releases. This insight helps you to gain a better understanding of your processes and how they are interrelated, enabling you to make better decisions.

Practical information

CMDB stores specific information from all the configuration items so you can take action on the findings at a later time. To maintain the right structure IBM CMDB uses the IBM Common Data Model. And of course this database works seamlessly with IBM Maximo Asset Management and it’s part of IBM Control Desk. Here are just a few of the benefits of CMDB:

Configuration management is a necessary part of ITILV3 - based service management.

IBM CDMB stores as much information about objects as you need to work productively. This means that your process managers have access to the right information at all times and can always adjust or improve processes as desired. Of course the information is also readily available if you want to run an audit on the data.

This solution, offered via SmartCloud, is a virtual database so you can bring together different types of data from multiple sources.

Taken all together this makes IBM CMDB the right Configuration Management Database for every organisation.

CMDB in your company

Your company can also benefit from the advantages of IBM CMDB. Gemba has built up more than 20 years’ experience in Asset Management solutions across a variety of industries. We’d be happy to show you how CMDB can help professionalise your company, and often for a very affordable price. Interested? Please feel free to contact us to discuss it.