Field Services Management (FSM)

Field Services Management by Gemba: the mobile solution for organisations that want to optimize their activities inside and outside their premises

Field Services

Would you like all your employees to have safe and flexible access to data? Whether they work from different locations, are frequently on the road or work at home, you want to provide them with real time data and information, whether they’re offline or online. Gemba can help improve your level of mobility. We offer the right Field Services software to enable your operations activities to run more quickly, smoothly and efficiently.

Advantages of FSM

The coordination of employees is critical in many sectors based on working in the field. This includes telecommunications, ambulance services, heavy manufacturing and transportation. Field Services Management brings the various activities under one umbrella. This results in a number of important advantages:

More oversight

Streamlined work processes

The right information on time, where it’s needed

More “Hands-on Tool” time

Improved customer service

Lower overhead and administrative costs

Gemba offers a variety of solutions for working mobile:


EZMaxMobile is a state-of- the-art mobile solution that was developed for IBM’s Maximo Asset Management (EAM) software. EZMaxMobile works both online and offline and is available for Apple, Android, Windows phone and BlackBerry devices as well as for any desktop, laptop, tablet or other device that can run a Safari or Firefox browser. Read More…

IBM Maximo Anywhere

IBM Maximo Anywhere is a next-generation mobile solution that integrates the possibilities of IBM’s asset and facility management solutions with a single vendor product to improve productivity in the field. Built on the Worklight platform, Maximo Anywhere delivers instant access to work and asset data anywhere from smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. Read More…

IBM Maximo Everyplace

Worldwide competition means that employees have to be able to know everything about their activities at all times to stay ahead of the competition. This requires access to IBM Maximo everywhere, at all times on multiple devices. IBM Maximo Everyplace® was developed to convert the power of Maximo to new devices while at the same time minimizing administrative overhead. In addition we also offer support to companies building their own mobility apps.

IBM MobileFirst

IBM MobileFirst (full name: IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation, previously known as IBM Worklight) is the collective name for a series of interfaceable IT solutions. The unifying factor is that IBM MobileFirst allows you to easily and safely customize the infrastructure of your company’s data to the needs of all users. Read More…

Custom Field Services

Field service management can streamline complex networks of transactions. Not only will you increase customer satisfaction; thanks to the greater control and efficiency, you can also react quicker to developments in the market. Gemba can assist you with implementing custom-made solutions in which hardware, mobile software and wireless networks are interfaced with enterprise applications. Curious what Gemba can do for your company? Please contact us, we’d like to get acquainted.