Upgrade Services

Your software needs to be up to date in order to function at its best. This ensures that you retain oversight and control of operations processes. IBM Maximo has several types of upgrades:



Process redesign (strategic adjustments)

Gemba evaluates your specific situation and recommends the appropriate upgrade. It is custom work and that’s important. Because implementing this sort of update isn’t something you do every day, it’s a good idea to do it together with our specialists.

Technical upgrade

A technical Maximo upgrade is mainly aimed at raising the current release to the level that’s used in the relevant business unit. The approach is practical and these enhancements are usually pretty straight forward. A technical Maximo upgrade is mainly carried out for the following stakeholders:


The software supplier to make the upgrade available;

The financial department for the financial implications of the upgrade; and

The ICT department for the initiation and implementation of the upgrade.

Functional upgrade

The goal of a functional upgrade is one of user-friendliness. The current software gets custom modifications and/or the existing software functionality is stabilised. This type of Maximo upgrade is particularly relevant for users inside the organisation and any supporting organisations.

Process Redesign / Strategic upgrade

A strategic upgrade focuses primarily on establishing a technology platform that simplifies the flexibility and agility of system integration. The main goal of a strategic upgrade is to expand and improve business processes based on new software functionality. This Maximo update is often appropriate for external stakeholders, such as suppliers, partners and clients whenever they make use of your systems.