SAAone maximises the availability of the motorway with IBM Maximo

Lees hoe SAAone dit wist te bereiken

SAAone is a consortium of the construction companies Boskalis, Hochtief and VolkerWessels, and the investment company DIF. Commissioned by Rijkswaterstaat (the Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment), SAAone is completing the expansion of a stretch of the A1/A6 motorway between Diemen and Almere Havendreef as part of the Schiphol, Amsterdam, Almere (SAA) project. These companies are together responsible for the expansion and maintenance of the A1/A6 Diemen – Almere Havendreef motorway project.

The Challenge:

to record and report all the impacts of roadworks according to the conditions of the DBFM contract and demonstrate in advance that the system operates in accordance with the requirements.

As the lead party responsible for the DBFM contract, SAAone had two challenges to deal with. First the construction consortium had to demonstrate a few months prior to the start of construction that the required system, including the related IBM Maximo PMS work processes, functioned in conformance with the requirements.

IBM Business Partner Gemba provided IBM Maximo with a PMS: an add-on to the standard IBM Maximo environment. In addition to the verification of work completed, this add-on offers incident registration, tailored to the requirements of the contract.

"In the worst case a closed lane costs tens of thousands of Euros per quarter of an hour."

Moreover PMS integrates with the Lost Vehicle Hours (Voertuig Verlies Uren model, VVU) tied to the contract. This model calculates the time that a lane is closed, how many vehicles will be delayed according to the model and what financial consequences that will have on this specific section of the motorway project. PMS also provides the automatic calculation and substantiation of the payment mechanism built into the quarterly reporting.

Complete system

With the recording and reporting system based on IBM Maximo and PMS, SAAone can lead the safety, quality, planning and maintenance involved with roadworks according to the requirements of the Rijkswaterstaat. Project Manager Peter Groen explains: “If there´s a pothole in the road, for instance, then the control room enters the message into the system. At that moment the clock starts ticking and our people get to work. Once the repair has been completed, we record it in the system. PMS calculates the duration, the costs associated with it and any related financial consequences and includes it in the reporting.” With this Gemba add-on the control room can more quickly and easily link incidents to contract conditions and details, thus allowing monitoring of the contract components.