Software Asset Management

By using Software Asset Management, SAM, you have a clear picture of where your software has been installed so you can easily install updates on all devices. SAM also keeps track of your licences, so you don’t run the risk of expensive fines. You have a clear overview and can potentially save a lot of money.

Prevent security risks

Companies today are increasingly dependent on the digital world, and that has created new risks. Cybercrime is of course very unfortunate, but things can also go wrong unintentionally. That makes it especially important to choose a Software Asset Management package so you know exactly which version of which software has been installed where. You also know which version has been installed and who the software users are. If a solution needs to be updated you can see immediately if it has been done in all locations. More advantages of software asset management include:

Because Software Asset Management allows you to see which package you have installed, you can use the details from the package for your software audits and it provides you a quick overview.

You minimise costs by being able to immediately cancel unused licences.

The interface provides a concise visual interpretation that is user-friendly.

Software Asset Management implementation

Implementing Software Asset Management requires expertise. That’s why you should consider Gemba. Our experts have more than 20 years’ experience with this software and have helped many clients minimise risks and lower costs. Would you like to know more? Please feel free to contact us.