How can you ensure that IT actively contributes to the added value of the business instead of just being a cost centre? Integrated Service Management goes beyond IT Service Management (ITSM). It’s no longer about IT Service Management as a separate process, it’s about the effective and efficient management and control of IT services as a part of business operations. A central principle is that IT actively contributes added value to the company and is not just a cost centre. Integrated Service Management differs from a more technology-oriented approach like IT systems management through:

a process-oriented approach by management;

a focus on IT services instead of IT systems;

an emphasis on continuous improvement;

The Gemba approach

Gemba has evolved over the years to become a specialist in Integrated Service Management. As a partner of IBM we work with two solutions in this area:

IBM Control Desk is a unified IT Asset and Service Management solution that helps to reduce costs. In addition, it helps minimise service interruptions by automating the handling of service requests, efficient change management and optimised Asset Lifecycle Management.

IBMTivoli Endpoint Manager enables smarter and faster endpoint management. IBM Tivoli Endpoint Manager bundles endpoint and security management in one solution, allowing your team to manage virtual as well as physical endpoints— servers, desktops, roaming laptops and special equipment such as cash registers, cash machines and self-service kiosks.

ISM: a speciality

Integrated Service Management is a speciality that is applicable for complex business operations. The IBM software used is custom-fit so your operational processes can become even more reliable. Gemba lends you a helping hand with issues regarding implementation of ISM or further integration with other IT systems.