IBM Mobilefirst safe and mobile

IBM MobileFirst (full name: IBM MobileFirst Platform Foundation, formerly IBM Worklight) is the collective name for a series of modular IT solutions. The unifying factor of IBM MobileFirst is that the infrastructure of your company’s data stream can be easily and safely adapted to the needs of all users. From a salesperson at the client site who wants to look up product information on a mobile device, to the manager who wants insight in the efficiency of operations. Gemba has more than 20 years’ experience across a variety of industries. While your company is unique, we’ve already solved 80% of your IT issues in one of our more than 400 other IBM Maximo implementations, and the remaining 20% we’ll customise for you; on time and within the agreed-upon budget.

A more efficient organisation

By implementing IBM MobileFirst, customised to suit your requirements, you’ll make your company more agile. IBM MobileFirst makes working remotely possible, without the physical distance between colleagues weakening the performance of the team. To the contrary: in many cases the improvements in the flow of information also make better enterprise asset management possible. The organisation as a whole works more efficiently, and there is less waste.

Is IBM Mobilefirst for you?

Gemba provides full service in all respects. We don’t just help with the analysis of your operational processes, we also provide the necessary software, take care of the implementation, deliver the training and advise you on recommended maintenance. Our expertise goes much deeper than just IBM Mobilefirst. We look at the “big picture”. Would you like to meet with us to get acquainted?