Performance Measurement System

Your company is constantly in motion and that demands continuous oversight of your operations processes. Are you looking for the balance between performance, risks and costs of managing infrastructure assets? Performance management provides insight and helps manage the processes. The Performance Measurement System from Gemba is an internally developed add-on for IBM Maximo. It specifically addresses the terms and conditions set by the Rijkswaterstaat (Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment) for its DBFM (Design-Build-Finance-Maintain) contracts.

Performance management connects

The world of infrastructure asset management has to deal more and more with the influences of our Smarter Planet, new measurement methods and new information. This increasing amount of information and data is created by the presence of sensors, performed measurements, operating systems and the increasing number of video recordings along roadways. Taken all together, this means one can no longer look at infrastructure asset management in the same old way. The traditional registration isn’t enough anymore, especially if you consider the requirements currently emerging from Performance Measurement Systems, anticipated reporting requirements and desired management information. The Gemba add-on to IBM Maximo brings all these factors together and offers your company the tools to operate as effectively as possible.

Integration and control

A modern asset management system goes further than just maintenance and control, integration with operational processes is essential. Only then can an organisation meet the requirements of the DBFM contract and also the requirements imposed on the availability of data and the integration of processes. There is clearly an important role for Service Management Processes. They can provide insight early on to the effects of incidents and their influence on the requirements set by SLAs, DBFM contracts and on asset performance. This results in more control of the overall management process.