Nothing is as important for our company as the trust from our clients. We earn that trust by working together, employees – clients- business partners and competitors, in a honest and righteous way. The effort of Gemba in delivering excellent results in our work and to respect all legal regulations and ethical norms during our business activities is essential for that trust.


Integrity is essential. When we look at our activities, it is necessary not only to look whether it is allowed legally, but also i fit is the right thing to-do.

That’s why we need to go through our business and ethical code of conduct, even if we have read it before. The Code of Conduct help s us to get insight in expected behaviour from ourselves, it also tells you who to contact about complex matters.


When you notice somebody within the company who is not following the guidelines or interprets them to freely, report this immediately to your manager, Human Resources department or the Director. It is the It is the right and responsibility of all employees to use one of these methods to report improper activities. There is no business transaction or any strategic goal which allows to destroy our reputation, for which we have worked so hard to establish and of which we are all, rightfully so, very proud of.