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Gemba IoT continues as a separate entity

Gemba IoT, the innovative department of Gemba Service in the field of Industrial IoT, will become an independent entity as of the 1st of April 2019. Furthermore a merger with Appedemic, an innovative mobile app development company, will take place the same day.

Gemba IoT as an independent entity

The reason for Gemba IoT to start as an independent entity and the merger with Appedemic is twofold. In the first place the branding in the market will be much clearer. In the second place it gives room for even more focus on what we prefer to do daily: inventing and developing new innovations in the field of IoT, mobile apps and data analytics.

As an independent entity, Gemba IoT will also provide added value to Gemba Service through performance management, predictive maintenance, mobile apps development and other innovative solutions. Being two separate companies, we nevertheless aim to strengthen each.

One thing that Gemba IoT will definitively take over from Gemba Service is the large emphasis on CSR and personnel matters. There will be the same amount of attention for employee, environment and customer, just like Gemba Service.

The new logo is a combination of the existing logos from Appedemic and Gemba IoT

IoT and mobile app development brought together

As part of Gemba Service, an IBM Gold Partner for years, Gemba IoT has worked on the following progressive projects in 2018:

  • smart cathodic protection, which monitors the state of a pipeline network on a daily basis and ensures that problems are identified in an early state;
  • a washroom solution with smart assets for a well-known supplier of toilet facilities;
  • a software solution for the track and trace of push barges in the port of Rotterdam.

With these projects we have worked closely with Appedemic. By merging with Appedemic, our IoT solutions and the mobile app development activities we will be able to offer a broader and stronger solutions portfolio. Although Gemba IoT will be the name of our joint company, Appedemic’s current portfolio will be fully supported.

Data analytics: new part of the service package

In addition to innovations in the field of IoT and mobile app development, the brand new Gemba IoT has plans to invest in data analytics services. This will take place in the near future and the ideas are already clearly defined.

The ability to analyze historical and future data in a careful matter, Gemba IoT and Gemba Service have everything they need to offer customers the complete range in advice, guidance and development.

And that is exactly what we are aiming for at Gemba: to serve both the IoT market and the asset management market.